P/L of the Real Trades taken by our Subscribers and their detailed Performance reports..

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All above buy / sell signals were sent in real time to the subscribers and the report thus prepared is calculated at 1 lot size only. From this report, similarly you can calculate the profitable result as per your trading capacity in 2-5-10 or multiple lots. All the above reports shows the quality and accuracy of Venus Graph for entry and exit to the profitable trades. If you are still thinking to join a genuine and advanced level of research and advisory, then you are at the right place.

Even Today... there are many traders in our country who are still lacking technical analysis and tools used by most of the professionals in international markets. For this we have created a seperate learning course too. Our vision is to take every Indian Trader to the next level of trading with the best and powerfull combination of
Technical + Vedic Indian Astrological analysis.