How many calls will be there in a day or week ?

We can't make fake promise of 5-10 calls in a day.. We don't provide bulk calls as they just confuse the traders and end up in loses. We only give sure shot profitable calls which has to be executed timely, as opening and closing of the trade involves astrological analysis, which is very important to reach your destiny. So calls may be 2-5 in a day or 5-10 in a week depending on the analysis and market conditions (which is very important). For this you can also refer to our earlier performance report.. and you must have also experienced it in the trial given to you. However, in trial we send only few calls, actual calls be more for subscribers. So don't look for quantity... go for PROFITABLE TRADES. After all... we all are here to pull maximum Profit from this ocean !!

What's the right time to start? Think Later or NOW ?

You start right now or start later... its your wish.. But just remember... the more you delay... the more you are losing. As you will miss the profitable trades each day... So Obviously !! start your subscription today.. and receive profitable trades. for more details or still having more queries... Whatsapp or send us an email

How to Subscribe for Venus Graph Calls ?

You just need to send your details and save our no. as Venus Graph in your phone. It is important to save the phone number as you will be receiving broadcast messages on Whatsapp, which requires you to save the no. first.

are you sure whatever thing you tell us, it is fact in real snerio ?

yes gentalman we have tally all recored from share maket and own 20 year astrology exprience

Are there any CHARGES to start ?

No ! 😀, no need to pay any charge to get it started.
We know many companies charge at first and then disappears, leaving you behind 😔 with excuses and showing your fault in taking trade.. Our policy is to make YOUR PROFIT FIRST 😃 and then you can easily pay us a small share of that profit weekly..👌🏻 and I hope that sounds good ! You can subscribe right now and start receiving the calls you select (NSE / MCX), Nifty, Banknifty, Crude Oil, Gold, Silver, Equity (Reliance, Sunpharma, Tatasteel, Axisbank, yesbank, etc). Trade in Future, Cash or Options. All segments available.

Why are the calls not available on SMS and Email ?

SMS and Email are old method, and mostly results in failure and delay😬. Whatsapp messages are instant and quick, just your internet must be active, which is obvious if you are trading live !! 😊

Profit share for positional or long term calls?

All calls that end up in same week, will be calculated. All those ending in second or third week will be calculated after booking the profit.

how to invester get profit from share market?

I don't know . but we want to say every people they invest in any scheam with complete know leadge and gether information